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Plenary / Breakout Timers

We offer a bespoke cloud-based sync'd timer system that can manage differing timings for different areas/breakouts to ensure everyone is kept to time.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Using our ereg app, we can send push-notifications to your delegates and event managers to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date with what's going on.

Integrates Directly with Registration Data

Project Planning

ereg offers a project management timeline solution to add all relevant tasks relating to an event from start to finish. Assign event managers to tasks and get automatic reminder alerts to action tasks.

Multi-Currency Support

Budget Management

ereg helps you track your spending against event budgets with real-time dashboards and reporting based on online event income/sales.

We also offer a suite of extra event management tools to help you successfully deliver your next event!

Our communications tools can support you no matter what size the event is.

Brief Overview:

  1. Bespoke event timer solution, cloud based to run on any device (ereg can provide timer tablets). These timers are all kept in sync over the cloud and event managers can set, start and stop timers for multiple rooms/breakouts or just have a single timer that keeps multiple areas/rooms all in sync to ensure everyone finishes at the same time. Customise colours and titles of our timer solution also.
  2. Send unlimited push notifications to delegates and/or event managers using the ereg app. Ensure everyone is kept up-to-date with the latest news, information and tasks.
  3. Use our project planning solution to create a timeline of event tasks and assign event managers to these tasks which will create automatic email reminders to action tasks.
  4. The ereg accounting platform helps you manage all things related to your event’s financials. Our Budget tool will help you to create the final budget easily, and it also allows you to calculate different scenarios. For example, you can explore the impact of different pricing strategies for
    registration fees and forecast how attendance numbers will impact costs and profits. You can store all of the budget variations you create and compare them to the actual numbers. The numbers update in real time, so you can see exactly what’s happening with your income and expenditures.
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    Projects ereg has supported previously...

    "Annual contract of delivery of multiple event registration sites including bespoke ‘check-in’ functionality and breakout event timers."

    Utilities Client
    Event registration

    "Creation and management of an annual guest app for a series of automotive events to include networking, leaderboard, event information and push notifications."

    Automotive client
    Guest management event app

    "Complete system for an annual events programming including multiple payment portals and table seating arrangement tool."

    Financial association
    Society Ball event registration

    "Conference event registration and award nominee guest management system including technical support for event interactivity."

    Infrastructure client
    Conference registration

    "A range of branded delegate registration sites supporting our event management agency clients. Services include guest management and tailored emails."

    Automotive clients
    Conference registration

    "Complete themed microsite with online ticket purchasing including drinks package options and invoice generation."

    Events Venue
    Event ticketing

    "Delegate registration for a 52 event roadshow for over 5,000 total guests."

    Utilities Client
    Event Roadshow
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