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ereg registration confirmation emailBeautiful Looking Emails

Beautiful Looking Emails

ereg easily allows good looking rich HTML email content to be created to include your brand, logos and imagery. Content is fully mobile-compatible.

Personalised Touch

Personal Touch

Simply add merge fields of any delegate data to all communications to give a personal touch.

Smart Communication

Smart Communications

Easily created targeted HTML emails and auto-schedule these to follow up on payments & non-respondents etc.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering

Easily target specific individuals / groups of delegates with simple but advanced filtering fields.

Being able to communicate effectively is absolutely key to the success of your event!

Our communications tools can support you no matter what size the event is.

Brief Overview:

  • ereg packs a powerful filtering system throughout its interface, this allows event managers to drill down and target very specific groups/individuals to effectively communicate to.
  • Create rich HTML content with a WYSIWYG editor, include images, links and additional code if required. All on your brand.
  • Schedule unlimited communications for the future using our advanced scheduling calendar system.
  • Integrate with our SMS provider to also send text message communications.
  • Personalise communications with merge fields and include data from a whole range of captured delegate information.
  • Publish communications automatically to social media including Facebook and Twitter if required to further promote your event.
  • Create automatically reoccurring emails – Great if you are chasing outstanding payments or dietary information for an event.
  • Create merge document templates to include specific information and attached personalise documents such as invoices, receipts and event booking overview information.

Bespoke Domain / URL:

  • ereg can be configured to use a bespoke URL/Domain Name to access the registration platform and to send communications from. For example you could have a site hosted on Contact us for more information.

Post Event Surveys:

  • ereg can create post event surveys to send to delegates to capture feedback that can optionally remain anonymous. Report on these feedback results in real-time.
ereg Communications Manager
ereg Communications Manager
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    Projects ereg has supported previously...

    "Annual contract of delivery of multiple event registration sites including bespoke ‘check-in’ functionality and breakout event timers."

    Utilities Client
    Event registration

    "Creation and management of an annual guest app for a series of automotive events to include networking, leaderboard, event information and push notifications."

    Automotive client
    Guest management event app

    "Complete system for an annual events programming including multiple payment portals and table seating arrangement tool."

    Financial association
    Society Ball event registration

    "Conference event registration and award nominee guest management system including technical support for event interactivity."

    Infrastructure client
    Conference registration

    "A range of branded delegate registration sites supporting our event management agency clients. Services include guest management and tailored emails."

    Automotive clients
    Conference registration

    "Complete themed microsite with online ticket purchasing including drinks package options and invoice generation."

    Events Venue
    Event ticketing

    "Delegate registration for a 52 event roadshow for over 5,000 total guests."

    Utilities Client
    Event Roadshow
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