ereg Case Studies

Employee engagement roadshow – Utilities client


A robust delegate registration system for a series of over 50 events, with up to 3 events a day, across a 3 month roadshow.


Where this system was limited in terms of functionality, capturing just required attendance, access and dietary requirements, it made up in complexity by the back-end sophistication ensuring robust data management of the multiple events.

Unique event codes were created which recorded attendance when the delegate pre-selected their required date. Our project manager worked closely with the client event manager supporting with the requirement to batch up-load attendance for those delegates, i.e. service centre operatives, who were allocated an exact session to attend.

The ereg solution was a “must” for the event manager following the success of previous larger single and multiple day internal communications events. The event manager had full access to the ‘admin portal’ in order to view recent changes in addition to download tailored reports. Due to the expanding series of dates, the admin portal evolved to include the functionality to allow the event manager to manually add a new event.

On-site, with the quick turnaround of events, the ‘check-in’ system was used to quickly record attendance. The iPad based system was extremely easy to use, allowing location specific ‘helpers’ to pick up and support the event manager.

We are proud, considering the constant additions of dates and stipulated requirements, of how robust and faultless the registration system was over the multiple month project.


  • Delegate registration
  • Multiple event options
  • Batch upload of pre-assigned delegate attendance
  • Automated communications
  • On-site ‘check-in’ system

Christmas joiner parties – Stadium venue


A robust delegate and event management portal for the management of multiple Christmas Party event nights with audience numbers over 1,000 per event. The creation of a complete branded microsite with teaser video, booking registration including deposit transactions, plus a full event management portal to send bespoke and scheduled communications including invoices and the ability to purchase on-line drinks packages.


After observing the challenges the time-poor events managers were facing during the inaugural set of parties, ereg offered a demo as to how a tailored solution could be created to streamline their operations and the booking experience of the customer.

Following several brainstorming sessions to ascertain the list of requirements across all departments including sales and marketing in addition to event operations, a bespoke site was created.

Following an initial design brief, a fully bespoke microsite was created matching the suggested brand identity for the set of events including the creation of a teaser video. Following this information hub the party lead booker could then progress to book multiple places, including drinks packages, in addition to pay a deposit invoice either via a secure payment gateway or by inserting a PO number to request an invoice.

The event managers and marketing team have been pleased at not only the time the system saves but also how sales seemed to be up compared to the same period the year prior. Management and sales teams login to view or download reports for the daily update of the sales board and we are proud to be recommended to additional large venues based on the success of the site.

The complexity of this site surrounded the back-end ‘admin’ functionality for the event manager to be able to manually action, create and change communications and transactions from the automated confirmation messages, through to chaser comms and manual payment capturing – either via credit card over the phone or recording receipt of BACS payments. The system has been invaluable in streamlining the table plan management so that the venue can be confident in having the capacity to release availability of additional tables on certain dates to meet demand.


  • Branded microsite
  • Booking registration
  • Online transactions – deposits and drinks packages
  • Customised client ‘admin portal’
  • Automated and bespoke filtered communications
  • Manual booking management – invoice raising, payment recording, special requirements notes

Society Balls – Nationwide Professional Association


A flexible guest registration was required via the head office of a nationwide association to offer support to its regional society members as they organise their regional annual ball.

The branded registration system had to be accessible by different regional organisers including the setup of secure payment processing to different organisations bank accounts. The microsite had to include bespoke information for each event including sponsor information in addition to event specific venue and event information.

Supporting the ability for ‘lead bookers’ to pay for groups of guests was the requirement to allocate who was to sit at what table within each group.


A fully bespoke system was created very quickly at the start of 2019 to fulfil the requirement to support the first event of the annual calendar. A series of kick off meetings and rigorous investigation into the robust data handling and security policies of ereg started the process in addition to tailoring the site and ‘portal’ from working with the first event organisers.

Working easily within required KPI timeframes, new registration sites are efficiently set-up upon the organisers completing a simple questionnaire to capture the required information. Each event has a secure payment gateway setup with full reporting available for the regional societies to reconcile booking payments as they organise their annual balls. Due to the requirement to assign menu choices an easy to use data form captures this information – streamlining processes wherever possible such as the system remembering key information or drop down boxes. Once the guests details have been recorded a ‘drag and drop’ system allows the lead booker to rearrange the list of guests onto different table lists (including the order in which people sit).

We were extremely proud of the positive feedback from just the first event that was executed very quickly, prior to full requirements being ascertained. Our flexible approach and interrogation of the brief enabled a robust, streamlined, and efficient system to be built then rolled out across multiple events with full design support for each regional requirement.


  • Multiple event microsites
  • Guest management including menu selection
  • Table plan management system
  • Secure online payment
  • Easy to use admin portal for multiple users

Conference & Awards – Automotive client


A streamlined and attractive delegate registration system which could efficiently capture a lot of required information.


ereg created a bespoke conference and awards dinner event registration system microsite that was fully on brand and as an incremental improvement over previous event registration systems used.

Following a kick of project planning call the extent of the data capture and invitation options were ascertained in order to take a fresh approach to streamline the user experience. In addition to emergency contact information and menu choices the user had the ability to select the requirement of accommodation, record the attendance of a partner for the awards element of the event or invite a colleague.

An attractive and dynamic system made the data input effortless whilst being compulsory to ensure the event management team had all required information. Guests were able to invite colleagues who, once approved, would get an automated event invitation linking to the registration site.

Easily accessible reports were available to the end client and organiser to then share with the venue and catering functions. Full dietary and specific accommodation requirements were captured which was combined with the on-site check-in system for a streamlined guest experience.

Fully branded automated and bespoke delegate communications were created including offering assistance to manually amend existing bookings. The success of the event was then recorded via the pre-prepared event feedback form which was automatically sent to all guests who attended and not to the last minute non-attendance guests.

We were proud of how even just the small incremental changes were picked up and noticed by the client which combined to make a more efficient and user-friendly experience for all.


  • Delegate registration
  • Accommodation management
  • On-site check-in
  • Post-event feedback
eReg Existing Client Example Site

Conference & Awards – Infrastructure client


An event registration and post-event feedback system for the top 300 leaders of a large nationwide infrastructure organisation including on-site check in, hotel management and badge printing.


ereg created a fully event branded microsite and event registration system for an annual conference for top executives. As part of an event animation being created there was the requirement to include the ability to upload a headshot photo as part of the registration process.

In addition to the requirement for a full badge printing and on-site logistics support service was the requirement to allocated people into separate breakout groups of even sizes. This functionality was added to the on-site check-in iPad system so the event hosts could allocated a coloured lanyard based on the note following a successful check-in – ensuring all groups were split up and of equal size as based on actual attendance.

Furthermore, to support with the fact that a lot of the executives would be arriving with luggage prior to checking into multiple city centre hotels, pre-prepared luggage tags were prepared for each guest member and a fully managed service took all luggage to each hotel whilst the conference sessions were occurring.

The on-site check-in system was also used for the evening dinner to record if award winners were in attendance and for the personalised services of the guests being told their table number.

Post-event, an automated branded communication was sent to each delegate with a link to an attractive and quick to complete event feedback form.


  • Delegate registration
  • Photo file upload
  • Automated communications
  • Badge printing
  • Luggage management (across multiple hotels)
  • On-site check-in (including breakout group allocation)
eReg Existing Client Example Site